Transit Insurance

At Dawn International, we take utmost care in packing and handling of your valuable household goods. As accidental damages can happen we recommend our customers to take up insurance coverage for their shipment. With our specially arranged insurance coverage for ALL RISKs you will be able to claim the replacement value of the items insured. However, do not declare items such as; Jewellery, cash, watches, stamps, collections, particleboards/chipboard pieces of furniture etc. as these items are not covered by our insurance. Door to Door insurance is available with a competitive premium and this include electrical and mechanical malfunctioning, mould and mildew and pair &set coverage. The coverage start at the time of packing your goods and valid 90 days from the packing date. Insurance extension can be arranged with an extension premium on a monthly basis.

Customers have to provide a detailed inventory listing out individual items and its value for insurance. Your household goods and personal effects should be insured for the new replacement value whereas any antiques and fine arts contained within your consignment must be valued at their current market value.  Please note that the Insured must procure insurance for 100% of the value of the entire shipment. In the event of a claim failure to buy adequate insurance will result in the Insured having to bear the extent of such deficit. A detailed inventory with individual item value to be submitted for insurance coverage. Please contact us for more information at