Pet Moving Services

Dawn International work with reputable Pet moving specialist to coordinate the movement of Pets for our Customers. Pet moving policies keep changing in every country due to the vulnerability. You need to keep yourself updated with information for the country you are planning to move in to. Dawn International’s customers are kept informed and updated of all requirements of moving your pet to your destination, before they are handed over to our pet moving specialist.

Pet Handling can be challenging, daunting, complicated, confusing… yes, an international pet move is a series of challenges and the move is not complete until the pet arrives in your new residence safely.

Pets Entering Singapore should have the following documents:
Vaccination Card , Health Certificate, Parasite Treatment certificate and Microchip.
Pets entering the EU member states after October 2004 require microchip identification, Rabies immunisation and one year vaccination with the microchip number recorded on the Rabies immunisation certificate. Each of the EU member states may elect its own rules & regulations. The timing of the ‘chip identification, the Rabies immunisation and the Pet Travel Certificate are critical.

When you have decided to take your pet with you, you need to take care of some important points:
1. Get your veterinarian to implant an ISO 11784 or 11785 readable Micro-Chip in your dog and/or cat.
2. Ask your veterinarian to administer a Rabies Booster Vaccination to your pet and record the microchip number on the Rabies Immunization certificate.

Few countries require a FAVN-OIE Rabies Antibody blood test. Get it done within the specified period as the validity of this certificate is crucial.
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